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Michael Carrasquillo



I entered active duty at the age of 18. MOS 11B (airborne infantry) after basic and airborne school I was stationed in Vicenza Italy with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. I was with Alpha Company 2nd Platoon. We deployed to Kirkuk, Iraq in 2003 and were deployed to Afghanistan in 2005.

Six months after deploying to Afghan we were conducting air assult search's of suspected taliban hotspots when we were ambushed upon hitting the ground. I was stuck 5 times by AK-47 armor piercing rounds. One hitting me in the left bicep, another in the right shoulder, one took off the middle finger on my right hand, while the last 2 were absorbed by my body armor (they did not penetrate the armor but caused broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and some internal bleeding).

That was in Aug 2005. I was med-evac'ed to a field hospital, then to Germany, and finally to Walter Reed Army Mmedical Center in DC. I spent 6 months in-patient care in the hospital and then another year and a half out-patient care at the hospital until I was med boarded out of the military in 2007. My final board decision was honorable discharge with 90% permanent disability medical retirement due to injuries sustained in combat.


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