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Bryan Belcher

Below is 21 year old PFC Bryan Belcher's story. After talking with Bryan I realized a strong feeling . . .it was patriotism pulsing thru my veins . . .not that I am not patriotic . .but he unknowingly gave me a "renewed dose". Bryan joined the military after 9-11, following his brother who is also serving. Bryan has serious injuries and he sent me many pictures of his road to recovery. These pictures are hard to look at but after speaking to Bryan I am in awe. I am not going to put up these pictures but I am putting up the picture of him on his hum-vee before the ambush. Bryan is still Bryan . . .meaning that he is the same warrior that he was before the ambush. Bryan refuses to quit and fought to stay in the military and he is recovering. Bryan has many months to go to recover and he will have to deal with PTSD and numerous other problems he will encounter along the way. Please help this brave warrior and show your appreciation by a donation so he may pay off his bills that have accumulated. GOD bless you Bryan and thank you for serving our country! CJ

Here is Bryan's story:
My name is PFC Bryan Belcher. I am from the 27th Engineer battalion out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I deployed in April of 2006 to Afghanistan. There I was a combat engineer and everyday my job was to go out and look for IEDS and disable them. It is a very dangerous job, but I know that what we are doing will save many soldiers' lives. On August 21st 2006 my platoon was out on a mission and was headed back to base camp when all the sudden we were ambushed. My humvee got hit by 2 rocket propelled grenades (RPG's). Immediately my hummvee caught fire and I had to jump out of the vehicle. I fell to the ground and began rolling around to get the fire off, just then I got shot in my thigh. As a result of these events I received burns to both legs, both hands, face, and chin. I also received a left index finger amputation, shrapnel injuries to both legs, both hands and upper lip. I was taken to the burn center in BAMC in San Antonio, Texas where I was finally released to go back to my base and receive further treatment 4 months later. As of today I am always going to the hospital to receive physical and occupational therapy. I have to wear pressure garments on my hands, legs and thigh to help my burns heal. I love my country and I proudly serve. Thank you!


If you would like to donate to Bryan Belcher, please make checks or money orders payable to Operation Undergarment and mail them to:

Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union
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St. Peters, MO 63376

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