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Kevin Hardin

Army Spc. Kevin Hardin, 21, was seriously injured in Iraq on 9/30/07. Kevin was on his 13th month of his first deployment. Kevin's MOS was a front line combat medic. His earnest desire was to be on the front line out there with his buddies, and where "all the action is."

While out on what seemed to be a "routine" mission and preparing for his return back home in only a few short weeks, Spc. Hardin was attacked by a weapon similar to a RPG. It tore off the main artery in his right hand and he was losing blood quickly. If it hadn't been for his gunner, his life would have been gone.

Kevin lost his thumb and index finger on his right hand, and part of another finger on his left hand, not to mention the extensive nerve damage in both hands and arms. His nickname is "Patches" where he lives in recovery in Washington, DC because he has undergone so many skin and bone grafts, and pretty much all of the skin on his hands is from another part of his body.

Kevin lives each day recovering in Washington, D.C. with his father, Charles, who gave up everything (including his job) to be with his son 24/7. His mom, Kevin's two younger brothers, ages 16 and 14, live in Florida. Times are tough, to say the least, but the Hardin family realize how very fortunate to have their son alive and back to the states.

Their lives have been literally turned upside down, and all of a sudden nothing else matters in life except the fact that their son is alive. It doesn't matter what kind of a house you live in, what kind of a car you drive, how much money you have or anything else, but just makes you realize just how precious life really is, and how in the flicker of an eye, your life can be changed - changed forever.

Now Kevin's Mom drives the vehicle that Kevin left behind when he deployed to Iraq. His Mom can no longer afford the payments on the car she used to drive. Kevin's Mom and brothers fly to D.C. every chance they get on the weekends, and have been fortunate enough to have charitable organizations help with the airplane fares. But, every time they go to D.C., it costs, cost for parking, food, etc., etc....... they are barely getting by just paying for their rent, utilities, and other necessities in life.
There is still an enormous need for Kevin's two younger brothers, Kyle and Keith. Just recently, Kyle had to have dental surgery which cost over $1,500 for impacted wisdom teeth, and his Mom is making monthly payments to the oral surgeon. Life is stressful indeed, but this family keeps remembering how very fortunate they are, and how close they came to losing their son.

Now, the Hardins truly realize how very true the words "Freedom Isn't Free" is. They never thought these three simple words would one day have so much meaning one day in their lives.

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