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Jason Morris

My name is SGT Jason Morris. I am an injured soldier from Iraq. I first joined the Army in September of 1993. I spent 4 years on active duty at Fort Hood, TX. After that I transferred to the MS National Guard, the state I am from. I was deployed to Iraq in January of 2005. We were stationed in Karbala, Iraq. On April 2, 2005, my platoon was on a convoy to Camp Anaconda which is above Baghdad. I don’t remember anything that happened that day but my guys that were with me told me later what had happened. As we were driving by the prison Abu Ghraib the insurgents were attacking it. Two vehicles were in front of me and they pulled over to the side like all of them do. As I was going by the one on the right, the driver back in to me and blew up. That car bomb took out my gunner and disabled my vehicle. Me and my LT. got out of the vehicle. I had been driving, and the second car drove up behind me and exploded. I was hit with 2 vehicle car bombs pretty much at the same time. I had a number of injuries. I broke every bone in my neck. Severely burned my left hand which required a skin graft. I had a piece of shrapnel the size of a Frisbee stuck in my throat. I tore everything in my shoulder. The bad thing about the car bombs was after they went off the insurgents weren’t through. They had 2 machine gunners on a bridge in front of my humvee and they were shooting back at us. I received a gun shot wound to the back of my leg. After all that, I was medivacked out of there and taken to the hospital in Baghdad. I stayed in Iraq for 2 days and in Germany for 2 days. Then I was sent on to BAMC hospital in San Antonio, TX where I stayed in a coma for 11 days and in the hospital for 2 months. I had to stay in San Antonio for almost 2 years before they finally retired me from the Army after 13 years. I really love the military and miss it everyday. I love being a soldier. It was all I knew how to do because I joined when I was 17. Before I retired from the Army, my wife, at the time, was still here in MS and she ended up leaving me for someone else. I have a beautiful little girl that is 7 and the love of my life. I have had to move in with my parents because I can’t be by myself, but I got all the debt that came with the divorce. I don’t know if I would change a whole lot about that day in Iraq because I like to think I did my job the way I was trained to do, but I know I really miss the military a whole lot.

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