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Steve Robison 

My name is Steve Robison. I was stationed with the stryker brigade in Alaska. My unit was deployed to Iraq in August 2005. A week before my deployment, my wife gave birth to our baby girl. She was a week old when I left for Iraq. I was deployed for one month before I got hurt.

During a standard patrol through a dangerous neighborhood I came to an intersection. Before I crossed the street shots rang out from the rooftop above me. My left leg was hit in the shin and blew off my leg below the knee. I was also hit in the right calf and have lost most of my feeling in my right leg. My men treated me as quickly as possible and saved my life. When I reached the hospital on the FOB I was still conscious. I asked the doctor about my legs knowing my left leg was already amputated from the gunshot. I had seen my leg hanging off my body only attached by a few tendons and strands of muscle. The doctor at the FOB hospital told me that he wouldn't be able to tell if my right leg could be saved until surgery.

I went into surgery not knowing if I would wake up with one leg or none. I made it back to the states in September of 2005. My baby was just a month old and my wife was having to deal with our child and now my injury. My wife picked up and moved to San Antonio with our child and helped me through my recovery. I recovered quickly and owe it all to my loving and caring wife. Without her at my side I dont know how long it would have taken me to get out of therapy.

Im now a student at a local college and I am getting along fairly well. If you have taken time to read this story I appreciate your time and am thankful for it. If you feel that you can help don't hesitate to help any soldier in need.

Thanks again Steve

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