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Wounded Missouri Soldier


Missouri resident, deployed with Arkansas National Guard - IED finder in Iraq. Currently has 2-4 minute memory retention as a result of IED explosives as well as traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress, both ear drums burst, injured lower back and musculoskeletal injuries.

Wife left him while deployed and they are now divorced. While he has been in the Warrior Transition Unit (medical hold) his only biological son was killed in a 4 wheeler accident. Warrior has custody of his 17 year old son who has a small baby.

When he returns to his small rural community, he will have no job to return to as he was a small engine repairman, no spouse, no son, and no home as the pipes burst in his home while he was in the Warrior Transition Unit and his house was totaled from black mold as a result of total flood.

Insurance will cover the majority of the rebuild but he will be short $50,000 to finish the home. He also needs temporary housing. The goal is to purchase a used trailer which could be left on the acreage and used for some sort of part-time work as he recovers. The trailer is $13,000, which includes transportation and set-up. He currently stays in the only hotel in this small town or sometimes sleeps in his shed.

Total needed: $63,000.

If it is at all possible, please try to help. This young man and his family need to be in a home before winter sets in.

Contributions can be made to :

Operation: Home For Wounded Warrior
c/o Ozark Federal Savings and Loan
1 Walton Drive
Potosi, MO 63664

Be sure to note Wounded Missourian on the check.


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