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Let us not forget!

Navy pilot, Lieutenant Commander
Michael “Scott” Speicher

On January 17, 1991, America suffered a tremendous loss. Navy pilot, Lieutenant Commander Michael “Scott” Speicher, was shot down while flying a combat mission over western Iraq on the first night of Operation Desert Storm. The next morning, then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney told the news media that the United States had suffered one combat loss. When questioned whether or not it had been a death, he confirmed that the service member had been killed.

Four months later, Scott Speicher was declared KIA/BNR—Killed In Action, Body Not Recovered—by the United States Navy. Hailed thereafter as a hero, mourned by family and friends, it wasn’t until nearly two full years had passed that it was discovered that LCDR Speicher had almost certainly ejected from his aircraft before it crashed.

The remains of Michael "Scott" Speicher's returned to his Florida home on Thursday, August 13, 2009, 18 years after his FA-18 Hornet was shot down on the first night of 1991 Gulf War.

May he rest in peace. God bless his wife and children for their sacrifice! We Will Never Forget!



I am only one,
but still I am One.
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something;
I will not refuse to do the
Something I can do.

--Helen Keller

Sgt Maupin's remains have been found in Iraq and his mother was notified on March 30, 2008.
May he rest in peace. We Will Never Forget!

God Bless you Sgt Maupin!

Thank you!

Sgt. Keith M. Maupin

Maupin was originally listed as missing after a fuel convoy was attacked near Baghdad International Airport by Iraqi insurgents using rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire on April 9, 2004. A videotape broadcast by Al-Jazeera on April 16 showed Maupin being held hostage by Iraqi insurgents, and the Pentagon later changed his status to captured. Maupin was promoted in absentia on May 1, 2004, from private first class to specialist. On June 28, 2004, Al-Jazeera reported that it had received a statement and a videotape from militants who claimed to have killed Maupin. U.S. officials, however, were unable to identify the man as Maupin and he remains listed as captured. He was promoted to sergeant in April 2005 and was again promoted to staff sergeant Aug. 3, 2006.

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