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  Thank You Veterans
For All of Your Sacrifices!

We recently received the following from 10 year old Addison who wrote it for a homework assignment. She is in 5th Grade. She is wise beyond her years and we want to share it with you.

When Is The Right Time To Honor A Veteran?

Many nice people fought to keep our country free. We know them as heroes, so honor them whenever you see them. Don’t be shy. They weren’t shy when they risked their lives for us. Every time you think of veterans, think of things they did to try to make the world better for you and me.

Think about the many places we can honor veterans. Those places are everywhere. You can honor them when you see them at stores, airports, memorial services, and even at school assemblies. It is not like you having to go on and on about all the wonderful things they have done. They have given you and me the opportunity to live in a country that allows us to practice the freedoms of religion, free speech, and choice. All you have to do is say THANK YOU!

If you want to know when it is right to say thank you, it is anytime! There is never a wrong time to say thank you. It makes veterans feel good about what they have done for us. One time I was at the airport, and I saw some veterans. My sister and I saluted them and said thank you. Do you know what they did? They smiled back! It felt good to know that I made them happy by honoring them. That proves you can honor a veteran anytime and anywhere.

The terrible memories of war will always be there for our veterans. These people risked their lives, some never came back to their families, but they wanted people to have a free life. They wanted this for their families, for you and me, and for everybody. There is a saying every war is a civil war because we fight like brothers. Honor our brother veterans, put a smile on their face, say thanks, and pray for peace among us.

By: Addison

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